COMPANY NAME: Teijin Automotive Technologies

SPECIALTY: Tier One Automotive Supplier

ACCOUNT LOCATION: Auburn Hills, Michigan

PROGRAM LAUNCH: October 2020    



  • Fleet:10 vehicles
  • Fleet Mix:Small to mid-size SUVs
  • Number of Users:100


Teijin Automotive Technologies had a high volume of employees using personal vehicles for business travel, resulting in large mileage reimbursements. The company needed a solution to gain better visibility and control of their business travel program and help employees reduce wear and tear on their personal vehicles.


Enterprise partnered with Teijin Automotive to review their mileage reimbursement data and identified a group of 34 travelers that made up 57% of the company’s annual reimbursed miles. To shift those travelers from personal vehicles to rentals as seamlessly as possible, they implemented a corporate car sharing program that provided authorized users with automated access to 6 rental vehicles on their worksite. Once the program was running, Enterprise helped Teijin Automotive implement a new travel policy that introduced the CarShare program as an option for all of their business travelers– this expanded their fleet to 10 vehicles and lead the company to greater oversight and control over their business travel program.

Carshare Benefits

Automated Access

Vehicles available 24/7 on your campus

Streamlined Expenses

One monthly CarShare invoice

Increased Visibility

Fleet usage reporting

Mitigated Risk

Duty of Care and Liability covered


Customer Quote: 

“Teijin Automotive has grown 30% year over year for the past 5 years. With the growth came increases in number of employees traveling. When the business examined travel expenses, it was clear reimbursed mileage needed to be addressed. Having worked with Enterprise in the past, I was confident a better solution could be found. Meeting with Enterprise and considering leases, car allowances, or CarShare, it was clear the Enterprise onsite CarShare program was the best option. We are now entering our second year of the program and continue to be pleased with the overall program, customer service, and benefits to Teijin Automotive employees and the corporation.”


-John. P. Hiovich, Global VP Procurement at Teijin