How does Enterprise CarShare work?

Whether you are running errands, going on a big interview, or just need some time on the open road - Enterprise CarShare is here to get you on your way. Reserve a variety of vehicles by the hour or the day, all for one low rate. Sign up and start your adventure today.


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4 Easy Steps


Once approved, you’ll receive your membership card in the mail. You will need the card to access the vehicles.


Log in and select the vehicle you want and how long you need it. With our mobile app you can reserve vehicles on the go.

Unlock and Go

Hold your membership card over the windshield sensor to unlock the vehicle. The keys will be waiting for you inside.


Return the vehicle at the end of your reservation. Hold your membership card over the reader one last time. The doors will lock and your rental will end.


Make a Reservation


Take 5 Before You Drive:



Report damage and litter.
If you notice any damage to the vehicle please report it immediately to Member Services.


Keep it clean.
Remove all of your trash and personal belongings before ending your reservation.


No Smoking.
Smoking in the vehicle is not allowed.


Keep your pets safely secured.
Pets are required to be crated at all times while in the vehicle. Please return the vehicle free of pet hair.


Fill the fuel tank.
Always leave ¼ tank of fuel in the vehicle before ending your reservation.


Return on time.
To avoid extra charges and to be considerate to other members, please return the vehicle on time.
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Meet the Fleet

Enterprise has the world’s largest and most diverse fleet of vehicles.

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