Member Policies


Please take a moment to review the basic steps and reminders below. Understanding some simple guidelines makes for a better car sharing experience for you and your fellow members. If Enterprise CarShare is at your work site for business use, your policies may differ from those listed below.

Click here to view your Member Guide, an on-the-go quick reference guide for car sharing.

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  • CarShare at the speed of YOU. Go mobile with our new Enterprise CarShare app, available for iOS and Android. Make, change, cancel, or extend your reservations right from your smartphone.

  • Don't have a smartphone? Visit our desktop site! (You may also Contact Us to speak to our Member Services team)

  • Log in using your member ID and password.

  • Select the time you need and search for vehicles in your desired area. Reserve 15-minute increments with a one-hour minimum
  • Confirm your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email with details and directions to the vehicle


* An additional fee will be added to any rental that occurs in New York by a member who is between the ages of 18-24 years old. Members ages 18-20 will be charged $8.06 per hour (max of $64.50 per day). Members 21-24 will be charged $3.06 per hour (max of $24.50 per day).

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Unlock and Go

  • Locate your reserved vehicle.

  • Place your membership card over the reader on the windshield. Wait for the yellow light and then remove the card. The doors will unlock when the light turns green.

    • You must bring your membership card with you to the car. It is the only way to access the vehicle. Only you or another approved driver on the same Enterprise CarShare account is allowed to drive the vehicle during your reservation.

  • Take 5 Before You Drive. Before you go, take a minute or two to check the vehicle for damage. You’ll find a Damage Evaluator and instructions in the glove box. Contact Us to report any damage or vehicle issues to our emergency line before driving away to avoid being held responsible.

  • Remove the key from the key holder located inside the glove box.

  • Use your key to lock and unlock the vehicle during your reservation.

  • Smoking in the vehicle is not allowed.

  • Pets are required to be crated at all times while in the vehicle.* Please return vehicle free of pet hair.

  • Let us know about any problems right away. If you believe the vehicle needs service, or in the unfortunate event that you are in an accident that requires vehicle or roadside assistance, please Contact Us immediately so we can assist you.

    • In case of an accident, please refer to the Accident Checklist located in the vehicle’s glove box. Failure to immediately report and collect all accident information may result in additional damage charges, fees and/or termination of membership.

  • New York: Vehicles are equipped with E-ZPass® toll passes. Where E-ZPass® is accepted, please do not pay cash at the toll. The pass will be detected in the vehicle and we will bill you for the toll plus a 10% processing fee (still 10-15% cheaper than paying cash). Please note that toll charges occur weekly, so you will be billed separately from your reservation.

  • Philadelphia: Vehicles are not equipped with E-ZPass® toll passes. Members should always use the cash lane. If you do not pay at the toll, we will bill you for the toll plus up to $5.00 for administrative fees. Please note that toll charges are processed every few weeks and will be billed to you separately from your reservation.

  • San Francisco: Vehicles participate in the FasTrak® system so you can avoid the cash lanes on toll roads. No toll tag or transponder required, and we’ll simply bill you for the toll. Please note that toll charges are processed every few weeks and will be billed to you separately from your reservation.


*Service animals used by members or passengers with disabilities are allowed in the vehicle without a carrier.

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  • Fuel is included! You are required to return the vehicle with at least a ¼ tank or more. Use the pre-paid fuel card located in the vehicle. Simply swipe the card at the pump before fueling.  When prompted, enter your unique fuel pin number (located on the front of your membership card) and the odometer reading from the car.

    • If you experience trouble using the pre-paid fuel card, please Contact Us. You may be asked to pay for fuel and submit your receipt within 30 days for quick reimbursement. Please note that receipt must include gallons purchased.

    • Fuel reimbursements must be requested using the Fuel Reimbursement Form on the desktop site or on the mobile app.

  • Please return your vehicle on time.

    • If you need more time, extend online or with our app prior to the end of your reservation.  Late fees are incurred for returning or extending after your reservation has ended.  If your extension or late return delays another member who has reserved the vehicle you are driving, additional costs may be incurred to accommodate them.      

  • Return the vehicle to its designated parking space (where you found it).

    • Do not park your personally owned vehicle in the Enterprise CarShare space - unauthorized vehicles may be towed.  If you are unable to return your reserved vehicle to its designated space because it is occupied or blocked, please Contact Us right away.  We will ask you to find nearby legal/unrestricted parking and to let us know the location so we can notify the next member.

  • Please remember to leave the vehicle ready for the next member.  Clean up any trash or spills, return seats to upright position, remove keys from ignition, and turn off the lights and engine.  If the next member reports that the car has been left in an unacceptable condition, you may be charged a fee.

  • Don’t forget your stuff. Enterprise CarShare is not responsible for the loss of items left behind.  

  • Place the key in the key holder located in glove box.  Make sure the fob “snaps” back into the holder.

  • Exit the vehicle (do not manually lock the doors).

  • Hold your membership card over the reader on the windshield until the light turns red and the doors lock.

  • Once the doors lock, your rental has ended.

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  • The credit card on file must be in the name of the primary member (account holder).

  • The card on file must be a major credit card.
  • NY Residents: Members who wish to pay with a cash equivalent form of payment may do so by presenting qualifying payment information in person. For details, click here.
  • When you place your reservation, you will prepay for the estimated cost of your trip. Additional time, mileage overages, and fees will be charged as they are incurred and applied to the total cost of your trip.

  • Annual memberships renew automatically. When applicable, your annual membership fee will be charged upon the anniversary month of your join date.


Reservation Cancellation Policy

  • We know that plans can change. If you need to cancel or change a reservation, you can do so online or Contact Us by phone before your reservation begins.

  • Please cancel at least 3 hours before your reservation begins. If you cancel or shorten with less than 3 hours’ notice, you will be billed for the first 3 hours of your reservation or the cost of your reservation, whichever is less.

  • If you do not cancel your reservation and do not drive, you will be billed for the full estimated cost of your reservation, including estimated mileage.

  • Prepaid funds made available by cancelling or shortening your reservation will be applied to future reservations or balances, or refunded to you upon your request.

  • If your account is suspended for non-payment, inability to validate your driver’s license or other violation of your terms of use, your standing reservations may be cancelled.


Returning Early

  • If you plan to return your vehicle earlier than expected, simply shorten your reservation online or with our app.

  • Starting at the time you notify us of your early return, you are responsible for 3 hours of your canceled time, or the remainder of your trip, whichever is less.

Fee Schedule

To ensure that everyone is doing their part to consider their fellow members, members who break the rules will be charged a penalty, not to exceed the following limits, plus costs incurred**:

Low Fuel

Returned the vehicle with less than ¼ tank

Up to $50

Late Extend

Extended your reservation after your end time


+cost of additional time

Late Return

Returned the vehicle after your reservation end time


+cost of additional time

Inconvenience Fee

Delayed or inconvenienced another member


Vehicle Returned Improperly

Next driver reported vehicle was returned in unacceptable condition or to wrong location. Includes but is not limited to failure to: remove personal items or trash, turn off lights or ignition, leave vehicle in clean condition, remove key from ignition, close windows, return seats to passenger-ready position, or return vehicle to the original assigned parking space.


+ Costs incurred


Next driver reported evidence of smoking such as strong odor, ashes, etc.


+ Costs incurred

Pet Occupancy

Next driver reported pet hair or mess in vehicle


+ Costs incurred

No Reservation

Accessed or drove vehicle without a reservation (includes taking wrong car)


+ Cost of additional time

Roadside Service as a result of member error or negligence

(When provided roadside assistance is a result of member error or negligence, such as lock out service, fuel delivery, jump start or flat tire, member will be responsible for fee and costs incurred.)


+ Costs incurred

Vehicle Not Locked

For failure to return ignition key fob to holder in glove box and lock vehicle with member card at the end of your trip (reservation not ended properly)


Missing Ignition Key


+ Cost of key replacement

Missing Parking Pass / Fuel Card


Unauthorized Driver

Allowed operation of vehicle by person other than approved driver on member account 

Account Termination

+ Costs incurred

Equipment Tampering

Unauthorized contact with or modification to vehicle or car sharing technology

Account Termination

+ Costs incurred

Administrative Fee for:

Bounced Invoice/Payment


Failure to Return Member Card

Failure to return member card to Enterprise upon account closure



Transfer or payments of unpaid parking/toll violation incurred during your reservations (cost of ticket additional)


Member Card Replacement


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