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With cars located all across Philadelphia, Enterprise CarShare is the perfect complement to the subways and trains for errands, grocery shopping or your to-do list. Signing up today allows you to take advantage of all the freedoms of a car, without the costs of owning one, for low hourly and daily rates.




Philadelphia Vehicle Locations

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Two Philadelphia Plans to Choose From

Enterprise CarShare is Philly’s most economical and environmentally friendly way to get four wheels. Choose the plan that’s right for you based on your needs and budget. Regardless of the plan you choose, you’ll gain access to the most cars in the most locations in Philadelphia.

Keep It Simple

*starting at


Keep It Local

*starting at


  • Hourly rates from


  • Hourly rental cost per mile



Member Eligibility

  • This program is open to all qualified applicants ages 21 and up
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid major credit card in your name


What's Included

  • Fuel
  • Physical Damage/Liability Protection
  • 24/7 Member Services & Roadside Assistance


Member Responsibilities

Philadelphia Business Plans

More than 1,200 companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies are members of Enterprise CarShare in the Philadelphia area — from small boutique firms to large corporations, universities and government agencies. Whether you need fleet replacement, an employee benefit, or an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional rentals, taxis or employee reimbursement, Enterprise CarShare has your company car.

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