Qualification for Cash Equivalent Method of Payment 

New York


In order to become a member using a cash equivalent form of payment, you must visit our local office at 134 West 26th Street, Suite 1202, New York, NY 10001, to provide the following documentation and payment:


  • Verifiable home, work and cell phone numbers;
  • Proof of home address (utility, cable, or phone bill, auto insurance bill, etc.. – Official “Late Notice” or “Final Disconnect Notice” are not acceptable; prior month’s balance is acceptable);
  • Proof of employment (recent paystub or contact info for verification by phone).  If unemployed, a second type proof of home address is required;
  • New York driver license required (Members wishing to join with a cash equivalent payment type may not do so at our New York locations using an out-of-state driver license); and
  • A money order deposit in the amount of $250 is required.  This deposit is refundable at the time membership is terminated. *Deposit establishes membership and is not applied toward rental; cost of rental must be pre-paid prior to the commencement of the rental period.