Exciting changes are coming to Enterprise CarShare!

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing  you with the most convenient car sharing experience, we are making changes to our in-car technology.


Beginning in January, you’ll start to see cars with new technology and a new member experience.  It will take time to update the entire fleet, so for 4-6 weeks, you could arrive to a car with either the new experience or the old experience- to ensure your trip proceeds smoothly it will be important to understand how to interact with both the old and new systems.  Please take time to review the information, videos and FAQs below regarding our new in-car technology, to ensure a seamless experience during this transition.


Your experience transition

Your experience transition Play Video

Your CURRENT experience:

  • Hold your member card over the card reader, wait for light to blink rapidly and the doors will unlock.

  • Keys are stored inside the vehicle.

  • Leave keys in the car and use your member card to lock and unlock throughout your reservation (DO NOT manually lock/unlock the doors)

  • When you are ready to end your trip, return the car to its designated parking space (where you found it)

  • Use your member card to lock one final time



Your NEW experience:

  • Hold your member card over the card reader, wait for the green light, and the doors will unlock. 

  • Keys will be in the glove box plugged into the key holder. 

  • Bring the keys with you throughout your reservation, and USE THE KEYS OR MANUAL LOCKS to lock and unlock throughout your trip. (DO NOT use your member card)

  • When you are ready to end your trip, return the car to its designated parking space (where you found it)

  • Return the keys to the glove box key holder by "snapping" the attached fob into the slot.

  • Hold your member card over the card reader, wait for the red light and the doors will lock.  

    • NOTE: If you did not properly snap the keys back into the key holder, the doors will not lock. 

    • Always check the door handle to make sure the vehicle is securely locked. This indicates that your trip has ended.

    • View our HOW IT WORKS VIDEO

Your NEW Fuel Pin and Fuel Card Storage Experience

The fuel card location and fuel PIN process is changing. The fuel card is now located in the glove box, and your fuel PIN is printed on the front of your member card.


***Make sure you are using your member card and keys properly based on the type of technology in the car to avoid issues unlocking, starting the ignition and ending your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my member card still work?

    Yes! As long as you have a valid reservation booked, your member card should work at all vehicles, regardless of which technology is equipped. If you have difficulty accessing or operating your reserved car at any time, contact our 24/7 Member Services Team for assistance at 877-411-6468.

  • Why are we making this change?

    We are constantly working to create a better experience for our members. This change will provide a more intuitive driving experience that doesn't require card swiping at each stop along your journey. It is also more secure and more responsive, resulting in smoother, hassle free trips.

  • How will I know what type of experience to expect when I book my reservation?

    When you arrive at your reserved car, take a look inside the glove compartment. If you see the keys stored in a small, black key holder, that means this car is equipped with our new experience! Use the keys throughout your trip; only card out once you’ve returned for good, and have plugged the keys back into the glove box key holder.

    If the car does not have a key holder inside the glove compartment, and the keys are stored elsewhere, that means this car hasn’t been upgraded yet, and you can expect the older user experience. Use your member card to lock and unlock at each stop.

  • Will my upcoming reservations be cancelled or otherwise impacted?

    Your upcoming reservations will not be cancelled or modified. You might receive a second confirmation email noting that your reservation has been "reconfirmed" into the same car- this is simply indicating that we have installed new technology into that vehicle, and have resent your reservation information.

  • The terminal is gone! Where will I find the fuel card and how can I extend my reservation?

    Fuel cards should be stored in the glove compartment inside the fuel card sleeve. To easily book and extend reservations, check out the Enterprise CarShare app!

  • Is anything else changing?

    Along with our new technology, we'll also be replacing some cars around town with new makes and models to keep our fleet fresh!


    Other than new cars and new technology, the other aspects of your membership (Billing, rates, member information, etc.) will remain the same!


    We hope you will enjoy your new, more intuitive car sharing experience!