With cars located all across Philadelphia, Enterprise CarShare is the perfect complement to the subways and trains for errands, grocery shopping or your to-do list. Signing up today allows you to take advantage of all the freedoms of a car, without the costs of owning one, for low hourly and daily rates. 

Philadelphia Rates

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Rates include fuel, physical damage protection and 200 miles per day.


Offer expires 8/31/17 for our Keep it Simple rate plan for rentals in Philadelphia. Offer is valid for new applicants only, includes waived first-year annual membership fee and waived application fee. Offer cannot be applied to previous rentals, balances owed or fees charged. Offer has no actual cash or surrender value. Must meet Enterprise CarShare membership qualifications. Restrictions, taxes, and fees may apply. Visit for more information. Enterprise CarShare and the “e” logo are registered trademarks of the Enterprise Holdings. ©2017 Enterprise CarShare.

Philadelphia Vehicle Locations

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Keep it Simple Fees and Rates

One-time application fee: $25 - Waived!

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First year waived!

Annual Membership Fee


First year waived!

Hourly rates from:
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Hourly rates from:
Daily rates from:
Hourly rates from:
Daily rates from:
Hourly rates from:
Daily rates from:
Cargo Van
Hourly rates from:
Daily rates from:
Hourly rates from:
Daily rates from:

Rates vary depending on model, day of week, and time of day.

  • Daily Mileage Included: 200 per day
  • Rates include fuel and physical damage/liability protection
  • Hourly Mileage: $0.45/mile - $0.55/mile Luxury/Cargo van
  • Residential Membership: $5/month or $50.00/year
  • $25 one-time application fee
  • Age restrictions may apply

Physical Damage and Liability Protection

Physical Damage: Member is responsible for the first $1,000 of any damage to or loss off the vehicle.


Optional Damage Fee Waiver Program: For $1.60 per hour with a maximum of $12.80 per day, you can add Collision Damage Waiver to waive your responsibility for damage to or loss of the Enterprise CarShare vehicle if it sustains damage during your rental period. The purchase of CDW is optional and not required to rent a vehicle. 

Liability: For Members 21 and older, Enterprise CarShare will extend liability protection up to the state minimum required amount. 

Optional Supplemental Liability Protection: For $1.63 per hour with a maximum of $13.04 per day, you can add Supplemental Liability Protection that provides, in addition to the underlying minimum financial responsibility limits provided by Enterprise CarShare, excess insurance covering the difference between the minimum financial responsibility limits and $300,000 dollars. 

Ready to start car sharing in Philadelphia?


Member Eligibility

  • This program is open to all qualified applicants ages 18 and up
  • Applicants ages 18-20 require an .edu email address
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid major credit card in your name


What's Included

  • Fuel
  • Physical Damage/Liability Protection
  • 24/7 Member Services & Roadside Assistance


Member Responsibilities