How to CarShare

Whether you are running errands, going on a big interview, or just need some time on the open road - Enterprise CarShare makes it easy to go where you want, when you want.



Download the Enterprise CarShare App and log in with your Member ID and password, or log in now.


Select the time you need and the vehicle you want.

Unlock and Go

Locate the vehicle you reserved.

Use your member card to unlock the vehicle by holding it over the windshield sensor until the doors unlock.


The keys are located in the key holder, use them to lock and unlock the vehicle during your trip.




Return the vehicle to the parking space where you found it.

Place the fob in the key holder located in the glove box. Exit the vehicle. (Do not manually lock doors.)

Complete your trip by holding your membership card over the card reader on the windshield until the doors lock.




How to Refuel

Remember! Return the vehicle with more than ¼ tank of fuel.

Swipe fuel card at gas pump before fueling.

Always swipe the card at the pump before fueling to ensure authorization. The fuel card is located in the glove box. Please note: A fuel card can only be authorized once per day.

Enter odometer reading.

Enter the odometer reading (mileage) of vehicle as it appears on the dashboard.

Enter fuel PIN.

Your unique six-digit fuel PIN, provided to you in your membership approval email.

Use regular fuel.

Fill the tank and return the fuel card to the glove box.

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CarShare at the speed of you.

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