Chicagoland's Zero Percent

With help from Enterprise CarShare, Chicagoland’s Zero Percent is working toward the goal to reduce food waste in the city to zero percent. Zero Percent’s online platform allows local restaurants and grocery stores to post online information about surpluses of food they have available for pickup. Zero Percent food rescuers pick up the surplus food and deliver it to soup kitchens and nonprofits the same day.

The food rescuers weigh and log each batch of food before they deliver it to the receiving organizations. Then, Zero Percent shares that information with the restaurants so they know exactly how much of each product they are wasting and can adjust how much they order going forward.

Enterprise CarShare’s Chicago team worked with Zero Percent to develop a unique transportation model for the company. CarShare now provides Zero Percent with 24-hour access to a cargo van – outfitted with shelving suited to food delivery – and offers fuel and accident protection for a flat monthly rate.

Zero Percent’s food rescuers can reserve the cargo van for deliveries remotely thanks to CarShare’s technology. And just as Zero Percent provides valuable food waste information to its business partners, CarShare provides Zero Percent with trip information, such as timestamps from the deliveries and mileage from the routes.