What is Enterprise CarShare and how does it work?

It’s a car sharing programme in your community that allows you to reserve a car by the hour for one, all-inclusive price. Unlike traditional hire, you only have to be 23 years old* to share in your community.

Hourly Rentals

Share a vehicle by the hour, at any hour. You can even schedule to keep the vehicle overnight.
This flexibility keeps sharing affordable and allows you to live life at a moment’s notice.

Variety of cars

We offer a wide selection of vehicles that include hybrids, electric models, pick-up trucks and fuel-efficient sedans. Whether you need to haul some things or some people, we have a vehicle that will fit your needs.

Includes fuel

You simply pay one hourly rate that includes all fuel costs. This makes it easier to manage your budget by knowing exactly what you will pay each time you share. Anytime the vehicles reach 1/4 of a tank, we ask members to fill up using the pre-paid fuel card conveniently located inside the car.

and protection

Our hourly hire rates include damage/liability protection to keep your mind at ease. If you are ever involved in an accident, you can give us a call at 0844-800-3877 for 24/7 assistance.

24/7 member service

Enterprise CarShare offers member service around the clock. Give us a call at 0844-800-3877 with any questions or concerns you have during any part of your car sharing process. We are always excited to help in any way possible.

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Member Responsibilites

We ask our members to keep
the cars nice for everyone.

Watch this video to see how Enterprise CarShare works.



Log in with your Member ID on your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Once logged in, there will be a reservation page with available hours and locations.

Select the car you want and how many hours you need it. We also have daily and overnight specials.

If you need the car longer, you can extend the reservation if the car is available with a simple phone call.

and Go


Arrive at your car and hold your membership card or fob over the windshield sensor.

The system will recognize you and the car will unlock. The keys will be in the car.

If you need fuel while you’re out, there’s a pre-paid fuel card in the car.

Should you need any assistance, you can call our 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Member Service.

Please see your programme for additional details.



Simply return the car at the dedicated spot where you found it, so the next person can use it.

Our cars are well maintained and frequently cleaned so you can enjoy the drive.

* Age may vary with other Enterprise CarShare programs. For detailed information, please refer to the specific programme pages located on this site or contact Member Service at 0844-800-3877


We also develop custom programs

Enterprise CarShare also develops custom programs for
universities, businesses, governments and organizations
that can save them up to 30% in transportation costs
and meet new emission policies.

contact us to learn more

Learn about our cars

Enterprise has the world’s largest and most diverse fleet of newer cars.
It helps us make car sharing a more enjoyable experience.

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