General Faqs

Note: If Enterprise CarShare is on your work site for business use, your rules and policies may differ from those listed below. Please refer to your programme-specific page for more details.

How do I make a reservation?

Go to to make a reservation. Enter your member ID number (printed on your welcome letter) and personally selected password. You can make a reservation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and book the car in 15 minute increments with a minimum period of 30 minutes. 

What is the reservation cancellation policy?

You must cancel your reservation at least 2 hours before your scheduled start time. Since this is a community, cancelling as soon as possible may allow another member to reserve that vehicle. As a Personal Member, if you cancel with less notice, you will be billed at your rate plan for the time reserved, less any time used by another member. So if you don’t need the vehicle it is always in your best interest to cancel the reservation as soon as possible.

Who can drive the vehicle?

Only Enterprise CarShare members can drive an Enterprise CarShare vehicle. That’s the benefit of being a member.

How long can I have the car?

You can reserve an Enterprise CarShare vehicle for up to 4 hours. If you need a vehicle for longer, call your company’s Enterprise CarShare representative. We can arrange a vehicle for you from the nearest Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch.

Is mileage included in my hourly rate?

The hourly rate for Personal Members includes 30 miles per day. Any miles over 30 will be charged at a low per-mile rate. Check your agreement for the per-mile charge.

What else is included in the hourly rate?

For Personal Members, the hourly rate includes your fuel, damage waiver (including theft protection), third party liability, road fund licence and VAT. Business Membership may vary, please check with your supervisor.

Are pets allowed in the Enterprise CarShare vehicle?

Pets are only allowed if they are kept in a pet carrier. Pet hair on the seats or pet ‘accidents’ will result in a cleaning fee.

What if I cannot find the vehicle when I go to begin my reservation?

If you get to the Enterprise CarShare parking area and your car is not there it’s likely that the member before you is running late. Call us on 0844 800 3877 and we will assist by locating the vehicle or switching your reservation to another available Enterprise CarShare vehicle nearby.

How do I unlock the car?

When you arrive at the Enterprise CarShare vehicle, you’ll see a small sensor on the driver’s side of the windscreen. Hold your Enterprise CarShare membership card over the sensor until you hear the doors unlock or the indicator light turns green. Once you’re inside the car, open the glove box to find the ignition key. 

What happens if I return the Enterprise CarShare vehicle and there is an unauthorised vehicle in the reserved parking area?

Call us immediately on 0844 800 3877 so we can make arrangements to remove the unauthorised vehicle.

Can I take a one-way trip?

No. Enterprise CarShare car sharing is not a one-way rental programme. Your car must be returned to the original reserved parking space where you collected it. This allows it to be easily found and used by the next person. However, if you do need to go one-way, contact your Enterprise CarShare representative to enquire about a one-way rental from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

How do overnight charges work?

If you would like to keep the car overnight, a simple overnight rate may apply. Check with your company’s Enterprise CarShare representative or the reservation page of our web site to get your specific rate and hours for an overnight rental. 

Who is responsible for refilling the gas tank?

One of the responsibilities of membership is to refill the gas tank when it hits 1/4 full during your car share period.  Use the fuel card located in the glove box.  The fuel card can be used at any petrol station.

How do I refuel?

When you pull into the station, retrieve the fuel card from the glove box.  The sales assistant will swipe the card.  When prompted, enter the registration of the vehicle and the current mileage.  Fill the tank with regular unleaded gas and return the fuel card to the glove box.  

What if I am running late bringing the Enterprise CarShare vehicle back?

A late return may incur a penalty but if you know you’re going to be late, you can extend your reservation by calling us on 0844 800 3877. We will check to see whether the vehicle is available and provide you with a response.

If you are using the vehicle as a Personal Member and  your late return causes us to have to take extraordinary measures to provide alternative transportation for the other member (such as a taxi), you’ll be charged for these costs in addition to the late fee. A late return without any notification will incur an inconvenience charge in addition to the late fee.   

Who pays the congestion charge?

Congestion charges are the responsibility of the car club member is a vehicle is driven into the congestion charging zone. Charging hours are 7:00 – 18:30 Monday through Friday.

Who pays for a traffic violation?

It’s the member’s responsibility to pay for all traffic or parking violations while in an Enterprise CarShare vehicle. 

What happens if there’s a breakdown during the car share period?

Enterprise CarShare has 24-hour roadside assistance. In the event of a breakdown, flat tyre or other problem, contact the Enterprise CarShare Helpdesk on 0844 800 3877.

What should I do if I have an accident or damage the Enterprise CarShare vehicle?

An accident checklist can be found in the glove box. Fill out the checklist and notify us immediately on 0844 800 3877 so that we can assist you, inspect the vehicle, assess the damage and if necessary, accommodate the next member with alternative transportation. 

What if the car is damaged when I arrive for my rental?

A damage log is located in the glove box. Check the log to see if the damage has already been reported. If the damage has not been previously recorded, note the damage on the log and call us before you drive away on 0844 800 3877. Failure to contact us immediately will result in a penalty and you may be held responsible for the damage.

How much is the damage excess for the Enterprise CarShare vehicle?

Personal Members over the age of 25 are responsible for the first £600 of damage to the Enterprise CarShare vehicle. Personal Members aged 23 to 25 are subject to a £750 excess.  This can be reduced by £500 if members opt to purchase the excess protection product when making your Enterprise CarShare reservation. Business Members are subject to their company agreement and excess charges.

Drivers under the age of 23 are not allowed to be a member of Enterprise CarShare or a driver of a Enterprise CarShare vehicle under any circumstances. 

What if I need an Enterprise CarShare vehicle equipped with a Mobility Device?

Enterprise CarShare is committed to servicing the needs of all of our customers to the best of our abilities and to fulfil our obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act. In order that we best fulfil this commitment, all enquiries made on renting to customers with special needs due to a disability should be directed through our Enterprise CarShare Team on 0844 800 3877. Due to the unique nature of Enterprise CarShare services and the fact that mobility devices require installation, please contact us a minimum of 48 hours before the required date of hire. Please note mobility device-equipped vehicles will be provided by our affiliate, Enterprise Rent-A-Car for no additional charge.

How do I become a member?

Choose a car sharing programme near you from our join page and fill out the online application. Once your membership has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation. We will also mail you a membership card or key fob and welcome brochure. Your member ID number will be on your welcome brochure—you will need this to log in and access the reservation page. Ready to get started? Join now.

How long until I am approved for driving?

Please allow up to 3-5 business days. The approval process is simple and we work fast to get you on the road as soon as we can. We will need to authorise your credit card and also verify that your driver’s licence is valid. International members may take longer to get approved.

Can I become a member if I am under 21?

If you’re a student between 18 – 20 years old, at most of our University programmes, you can join. Please check out our join page for more details.

Can I become a member if I have a licence from another country?

You sure can! If you have a qualified driver’s licence from another country and/or an international permit, you will just need a credit card to apply.

To join, simply fill out an application by going to the programme details page.


Is there special membership for business accounts?

Yes, we develop custom programs for businesses, governments and universities based on your organization’s size, needs and goals. These memberships range from placing a few cars near your building, to offering a private fleet for your employees only.

Reach out to us today and learn about how we can help your organization save money, reduce emissions and be a leader in your community.

Who can use the vehicles that are near our building?

It depends on what type of program we have developed for you. Some organizations elect to have us place a few cars near their office but anyone in the city can use them. Other organizations have us set up an entire private fleet just for their employees and clients to use. Contact us today to learn more about what’s best for your organization. View Case Studies.

Does an organization’s car sharing program include insurance?

Business and Government Liability and Damage Waiver coverages vary by program. Please visit your program specific page for details.

Am I responsible for cleaning the vehicle?

An Enterprise representative will clean your vehicles on a regular schedule. Since this is a car sharing community and the cars cannot be cleaned after every use, be sure to leave the vehicle in good condition for the next member by taking your personal belongings and removing any trash upon exiting the vehicle.

What types of vehicles can be shared?

We will evaluate your organization’s needs and suggest specific car models for you to share. We offer a large and diverse fleet of newer vehicles, including fuel-efficient sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, electric models and hybrid models.

What if we need a vehicle equipped with a Mobility Device?

Enterprise CarShare is committed to providing mobility options for our customers with disabilities. Mobility devices including left hand controls with spinner knobs, left foot accelerators and pedal extenders are available at no additional charge.

Due to the unique nature of our services and the fact that mobility devices require installation, please contact a service representative, 24 hours a day to reserve a vehicle with such devices. Please note mobility device-equipped vehicles will be provided by Enterprise Rent-A-Car. 48 hours advanced notice is required. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

What happens if we damage the vehicle?

Members may be responsible for your program specific retained responsibility. To determine whether your program provides Liability and Damage Waiver coverage, please find that specific program page here or email us at

What if we hit someone else?

We will respond to claims from other parties up to the limits required by the state and as described in the terms and conditions of the application.

Who pays for a traffic ticket?

The member is responsible for paying for all tolls, traffic or parking tickets while using an Enterprise CarShare vehicle.

What happens if there is a breakdown during the reservation?

In the event of a breakdown, flat tire or other problem, contact us so we can dispatch our 24 hour roadside assistance.

Who is responsible for filling the gas tank?

One of the responsibilities of membership is to refill the gas tank when it hits 1/4 full during your car sharing period. The car can be refueled at any one of 160,000 gas stations that display the Wright Express logo. Be sure to return the fuel card to the same place you found it after you've filled the tank. A lost fuel card could result in a fee.

How do we refuel the vehicle?

When you pull into a gas station, retrieve the fuel card and swipe the card like you would any credit card at the pump. When prompted, enter the vehicle mileage from the odometer and the 6-digit fuel PIN. Fill the tank with regular unleaded gasoline and then return the fuel card where you found it.

WeCar Members

Will my member ID and password change?

No. Use your current WeCar member ID and password you’ve always used to make reservations online at .

Does the reservation process change?

You will now be directed to make all reservations at Use the log in on the upper right hand corner of the page. Your current WeCar member ID and password will still work to log you in. You will be asked to identify the city/state of the program you belong to. After log in, you will follow the same reservation process as before.

Please update the bookmark in your computer to

Will my current member card or fob still give me access to the vehicles?

Yes, your WeCar card will still allow you to access the vehicles as you always have. For a reminder on how to access the vehicles, please log in to your program details page at and visit the “How It Works" tab.

Do I need to update my email, phone number or credit card information?

The information you provided when applying to become a member will stay the same. However, if you haven’t checked or updated your account information in a while, please visit the “my account” tab after logging in to the reservation site to update your profile so we have the most current information on file.

How can I talk to someone if I’m still having trouble?

If you were a member of any of these programs previously, please call the same member services 0844.800.3877 you’ve always used or contact us

City Car Club

How is City Car Club being integrated with Enterprise CarShare?
We are excited that as of 4/1/2015, City Car Club, has joined the Enterprise CarShare network.

For a number of years, City Car Club has focused on expanding its service across the UK to enable more people to benefit from low cost, convenient and greener motoring, and now operates more than 800 vehicles in 17 cities across England, Scotland and Wales. The integration with Enterprise CarShare will enable this growth momentum to continue. Enterprise is already one of the UK’s largest ‘car sharing’ providers to the public sector under the Enterprise CarShare brand, and is currently operational throughout organisations across the UK. With City Car Club’s focus on private and corporate renters the combined businesses, together with Enterprise Rent-A-Car will have the experience and expertise to support the growing demand for rental, whether it is by the hour, day or longer.

City Car Club’s passion for growth, technological development and to constantly improve the service has been critical to our desire to integrate our businesses. The combined entities of Enterprise and City Car Club will deliver the highest standards of service to our customers, today and long into the future.

More on how the business will be integrated will be available soon, but for now, it’s very much ‘business as usual’.
Here are three things City Car Club members need to know during this time:
1. Continue using, your current iPhone app, and your membership card to start/end your reservation.
2. Use your car club vehicle like you always do.

We will continue to communicate as plans progress, which we are sure will be very beneficial for members of both car sharing clubs.