Case Studies

Car sharing bid wins award for York Council

City of York Council has won a national award for its work on increasing car sharing.

The Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards celebrates organisations that are reducing fuel bills and lowering their carbon footprints while also recognising companies that supply cost and fuel-saving products or services to fleets...Read More

Bristol City Council

The Bristol City Council has partnered with Enterprise CarShare to reduce the use of its grey fleet, while at the same time serving as a viable alternative for council employees to drastically reduce costs, improve their CO2 footprint and help cut down the need for employee parking near city centre offices. The Enterprise CarShare programme being piloted by the council is targeted at employees who make frequent, short trips in and around Bristol.  Read more

City of York Council

How and why to...Implement Car Sharing

Switching your travellers from their own vehicles into those of a car-sharing scheme is no easy task.  Read on to find out how the City of York Council managed it and reaped both cost and environmental benefits in doing so...Read more

A More Sustainable Solution

Replacing grey fleet vehicles with car sharing means a lower carbon footprint as well as reduced costs. Read on to see how York City Council achieved a range of significant business benefits with Enterprise CarShare…Read more

Replacing Pool Cars and Grey Fleet

Car sharing can help replace both the expense of mileage reimbursement and the hassle of running pool cars. Click here to find out how Cambridgeshire County Council made it the primary form of employee transport…Read more

A Policy Shift Leads to Massive Savings

Woking Borough Council has made car sharing the centrepiece of its transport policy – and as a result has seen its mileage reimbursement costs and CO2 emissions plummet. Read on to see how the council saw grey fleet mileage drop by 14,000 miles annually…Read more