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Enterprise CarShare is Chicago's best way to car share.

With improvements such as newer, cleaner cars and more locations, there are even more reasons to choose Chicago’s favorite car sharing company. 

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How It Works

  1. Reserve
    •  Log in at using your member ID and password.
    •  Once logged in choose the time you need and the car you want to reserve.
    •  Confirm your reservation (You will receive a confirmation email with details and directions).
  2. Unlock and Go
    •  Locate the vehicle identified on your reservation.
    •  Hold your membership card over the card reader on the windshield. (The doors will unlock when the light turns green.)
    •  Remove the key from the key holder located in the glove box and enjoy the drive.
    •  If you need fuel while you’re out, there’s a pre-paid fuel card in the car.
    •  Should you need any assistance, you can call our 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Member Service. 
  3. Return
    •  Return your vehicle to the dedicated parking space where you found it.
    • • Place key in key holder located in glove box (Make sure the fob “snaps” back into the key holder).
    •  Exit the vehicle (Do not manually lock doors).
    •  Hold your membership card over the card reader on the windshield until the light turns red.
    •  Once the light turns red, the doors will lock and your rental has ended. 
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$10 application fee and we waive the membership fee for the first year ($50 value). 

$5.00 hourly rates 7 days a week, for a limited time.

Rates include fuel, physical damage/liability protection and 200 miles per day. 
Additional miles at $0.40/mile.


LIABILITY 21 & over: Enterprise CarShare provides up to $300,000 combined single limit liability protection.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE WAIVER: Member pays the first $500 of any damage*

*Optional Collision Damage Waiver: For just $1.69/hour with a maximum of $13.50/day, you can sign up for our Collision Damage Waiver  to waive your responsibility for damage to the Enterprise CarShare vehicle if it sustains damage during rental period.

The purchase of Collision Damage Waiver is optional and not required to rent a vehicle. Disclosures, Exceptions & Notices.


  Hourly 7AM-11PM (Mon-Thurs) Daily (Mon-Thurs) Hourly 7AM-11PM (Fri-Sun) Daily (Fri-Sun) Overnight 11PM-7AM
Economy  $8.50 $5.00 $65.00 $9.50 $5.00 $75.00 $4.00
Standard $8.50 $5.00 $68.00 $10.00 $5.00 $80.00 $4.50
Specialty $9.50 $75.00 $11.00 $85.00 $5.00
Luxury $10.00 $75.00 $11.50 $85.00 $5.00
Cargo Van/Truck  $13.50 $90.00 $14.00 $100.00 $4.00
Keep It Simple
Join Now

Review our member policies page here.

Offer expires 4/30/15 for our Keep It Simple plan for rentals in Chicago. Offer is valid for new applicants only, includes waived first-year annual membership fee and $10 application Fee. $5 rates valid 7 days a week on Economy and Standard vehicle class through 5/31/15. Offer cannot be applied to previous rentals, balances owed or fees charged. Offer has no actual cash or surrender value. Must meet Enterprise CarShare membership qualifications. Restrictions, taxes, and fees may apply. Visit for more information.

Enterprise CarShare and the “e” logo are registered trademarks of the Enterprise Holdings. ©2014 Enterprise CarShare. 

The New Standard in Car Sharing Join Now

What's the enterprise difference?

Own the day. Not the car.

Top 5 reasons to consider individual car sharing:

  1. 1Go wherever you want, whenever you want.
  2. 2We take care of: fuel, physical damage and liability protection and maintenance.
  3. 3Wide-variety of newer, cleaner cars that can fit friends.
  4. 4Convenient locations around your city.
  5. 5Stocking up on supplies is easier with a trunk.

Enterprise is helping MOVE YOU forward.

Reserve hourly car rentals including hybrids, SUVs, pickup trucks or fuel-efficient vehicles for everything from personal errands to seeing family.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is America's car rental company dating back to 1957, and started car sharing as a natural extension of its rental program and longtime focus on customized local service. Enterprise CarShare uses technology and an award-winning service record to deliver speed, efficiency and economy to people who need a car at a moment’s notice.

We build customized car sharing programs for several audiences, including business, college and government. Our individual car sharing programs enable everyone to share a variety of cars, and complements alternative forms of transformation like carpooling, biking or using mass transit.