We're excited to announce that
WeCar is now Enterprise CarShare.

If you’re an existing WeCar customer, your membership and billing will remain the same.

1. Does my member ID and password change?

No. Use your current WeCar member ID and password you’ve always used to make reservations online. 

2. Does the reservation process change?

You will now be directed to make all reservations at www.EnterpriseCarShare.ca. Use the log in on the upper right hand corner of the page. Your current WeCar member ID and password will still work to log you in. After log in, you will follow the same reservation process as before.  

Please update the bookmark in your computer to www.EnterpriseCarShare.ca

3. Will my current member card or fob still give me access to the vehicles?

Yes, your WeCar card will still allow you to access the vehicles as you always have. For a reminder on how to access the vehicles, please log in to your program details page at www.EnterpriseCarShare.ca and visit the “How It Works” video. 

4. Do I need to update my email, phone number, or credit card information?

The information you provided when applying to become a member will stay the same. However, if you haven’t checked or updated your account information in a while, please visit the “my account” tab after logging in to the reservation site to update your profile so we have the most current information on file. 

5. How can I talk to someone if I'm still having trouble?

If you were a member of any of these programs previously, please call the same member services phone number you’ve always used: 877.599.3227