We're excited to announce that
WeCar is now Enterprise CarShare.

If you’re an existing WeCar customer, your membership and billing will remain the same.

Why Enterprise?

Enterprise is America’s Car Rental company dating back to 1957, and started car sharing as a natural extension of its rental program and longtime focus on customized local service. Enterprise CarShare uses technology and an award-winning service record to deliver speed, efficiency and economy to people who need a car at a moment’s notice.

Why did this happen?

Since Enterprise is an established and well-known car rental brand, we simply changed our car sharing service’s name from WeCar by Enterprise to Enterprise CarShare. We truly believe in the future of car sharing and are dedicated to investing in resources to make the experience the best it can be.

Will anything change?

Your fees, billing, basic membership and the way you access your cars will not change. We do plan on adding more convenient locations and newer cars. 

The new enhanced site will now use the privacy policy that applies to the Enterprise family of brands.  This policy includes enhanced language to reflect the new capabilities of the site, the ability to provide you with more relevant content and advertising, and your options to control how your information is used.  Please review and reach out to us if there are any questions.

What are the benefits of being an Enterprise CarShare Member?

You’ll now enjoy newer, cleaner cars and the support of the world’s largest and most diverse fleet of newer vehicles. We also offer 24/7 member service to make sure every part of your car sharing experience is enjoyable.