Our Story: Enterprise CarShare


2005: Enterprise CarShare originally began under the network of Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s hourly car rentals

2007: Car sharing continued to evolve into a larger, local car-sharing service provider known as WeCar by Enterprise.

WeCar used an industry-leading dedicated use model as a way to bring the economic and environmental benefits of car sharing directly to our customers, which included individuals, universities, governments, corporations and municipalities. 


August 2011: Enterprise Holdings announced that it acquired the business of PhillyCarShare (PCS), a Philadelphia based organization that focused on improving community transit and environmental goals. PCS added to the Enterprise portfolio more than 13,000 car sharing members who were dedicated to community-based car sharing.

June 2012: Enterprise Holdings made another acquisition with Mint Cars-On-Demand, which served 8,000 car sharing members in New York City and Boston. Mint car-sharing vehicles were immediately incorporated into the local Enterprise car-rental fleets in the New York City and Boston regions.

Spring 2013: Enterprise CarShare. To capitalize on our longtime focus on customized service in the communities we serve and meeting local transportation needs for more than 55 years, all of Enterprise’s car-sharing services throughout the country transitioned to the Enterprise CarShare name.


May 2013:  Enterprise added 15,000 members through its acquisition of the business of IGO CarSharing, the first car-sharing program in Chicago. 

September 2013: Enterprise CarShare launched its services in Washington, D.C.

April 2014: Enterprise acquires Occasional Car in Denver and AutoShare in Toronto, ON.


Today, the service is available in 35 U.S. states, Canada and the U.K., for more than 130 university campuses, 40 dedicated government programs, and 500 business accounts across the country.

To learn more about Enterprise’s rich heritage and our company’s founding values, please visit the Enterprise Holdings About Us page.