OccasionalCar is now part of the Enterprise CarShare network. And exciting changes are on the way! To ensure your membership with OccassionalCar transitions to Enterprise CarShare, we will need some information from you. Without the correct information on file, you may not receive the new member card needed to rent a vehicle starting July 2.

Please be advised that July 2, the reservation billing process is changing.  For information on this change, click here.

Step 1: Update Your Profile.

Click here to log in and update your profile now.


Step 2: Verify Your Driver's License

     Check your email as we recently sent you a notice to verify your most current driver’s license
     is on file. If you did not receive the email, call us at 720-259-7809.


Step 3: Review New Rate Plan

    We have updated our members’ rate plans to a corresponding Enterprise CarShare plan.
    To see which plan you're on, simply log into your account.


 Want to make sure this plan is right for you? Read more about our rate plan descriptions here and give us a call at 720-259-7809 if you’d like to make a switch.

Step 4: New Access to Vehicles

    Starting July 2, there will be new fleet of car-sharing vehicles in Denver. With a new fleet,
    comes new technology. Take 2 min and watch this video on how your access to vehicles
    is changing. You will also need a new Enterprise CarShare member card to access these
     vehicles (your OccasionalCar fob will no longer be active starting July 2).
For instructions
    on how to get a new member card, start with Step #1 above or call us at 720-259-7809
                                      or call ECS Member Services at 855-383-1212.


Step 5: Review Updated Billing Information

    Please be advised that July 2, the reservation billing process is changing. We’re
    standardizing our billing process, fees and rate plans to better serve your CarShare needs.
    You’ll find these enhancements to your car sharing experience and will provide a consistent
    rental process from start to finish. For more information, please click here.

Reservation Billing: Beginning July 2 reservation estimates will charge at the time of booking or extension. Final reservation costs and additional charges will reconcile after your reservation or as costs are incurred.

Invoicing: Because reservations are billing as they occur, you no longer have to wait until the end of the month to determine the final cost of your reservations. Invoices will still be available for you to view at the beginning of each month, however reservation costs will not charge at that time.

Membership Costs: Your annual or monthly plan fee will bill the first of the month.

Rate Plans: To provide a clean and unified CarShare experience across our markets, your membership rate plan has been adjusted to match one of our standard plans. We have maintained comparable rate options to what you’re used to and have both monthly and yearly membership plan options. To see your rate plan, login online. If you have questions about your new rates you can visit our site at


Stay tuned for more information!