Damage Fee Waiver Program Info

For Rentals in Philadelphia:

As an Enterprise CarShare member, damage that occurs to the vehicle during your reservation is your responsibility and carries a standard $500 damage fee, regardless of fault. We know that isn’t small change, so we have a damage fee waiver program to protect you from the unexpected cost.

For just $75/driver/year, you can sign up for our Damage-Fee Waiver Program (DWP) and we’ll waive the $500 damage fee in the case of vehicle damage. The Damage Fee Waiver will be limited to the first $500 in each year of participation. For any additional incidents during that year, you will be responsible for up to $500 of repair costs per incident as described in the Member Policies. You will be charged $75 for every driver on your account if you choose to participate. If your Residential or Business Account has multiple drivers, you must purchase the waiver for and cover each and every driver.

Your credit card will be automatically charged at the time of purchase for all drivers on the account, and your waiver will be automatically renewed and charged to your card every 12 months, on the anniversary of your original purchase date.  The DWP covers each driver on your account for one year/one incident, unless the damage or loss is caused by any prohibited use, in which case you may be responsible for all repair and replacement costs and other fees and expenses we incur. The purchase of Damage Fee Waiver is optional and is not required in order to join Enterprise CarShare.

Current members can sign up by logging in to your account page online.  Questions?  Contact us!